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The show is scored for a 12 piece band - Keyboard I, Keyboard II, Keyboard III, Electric Guitar I , Electric Guitar II (doubling Acoustic Guitar), Bass Guitar, Reed I (Flute/Piccolo/Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Alto Sax), Cello, Trumpet (doubling Flugelhorn), Trombone, Percussion and Drums.

The show is available to hire from 2021. For more details, or to peruse copies of the script and score please contact us.

Please find below a selection of songs from the show:

Act One

(The Country)



The Baying Crowd

(Dr Dee, Pursuivant and Company)

The Prophesy

(Beth and Company)

Ordsall Cave

(Beth and Fawkes)

Where Is The Man For Me?


In God's Name Desist

(Fawkes and Pursuivant)

Chet Moss


The Merchant And The Maid

(Chetham and Viviana)

The Art

(Dr Dee)

The Oath

(Fawkes, Catesby and The Conspirators)

The Vision Of St. Winifred

(Fawkes and St. Winifred)

Be As A Father

(Fawkes and Viviana)

Act Two


Lord Of The Brave

(The Conspirators)

The Path To Perdition


As The Knight Falls


In Our Hands

(Fawkes and Catesby)

Fortunes Foundlings

(Viviana and Ruth)

A Faith Of My Own

(Fawkes, Viviana and Father Oldcorne)

Fawkes's Nightmare


But, Do I Love Her?


The Capture Neath Parliament House



(Fawkes and King James)

The Torture Chamber




The Final Battle


If We Could Love Each Other As I Love Him


A Faith Of My Own (Reprise)

(Fawkes and Viviana)